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Happening NOW: Thousands of New Yorkers are staging a sit-in in the middle of Times Square chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot” to support the people of #Ferguson. Every 28 hours in the US, a person of color is killed by racist police terror. Rest in Peace to Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Rekia Boyd, Oscar Grant, Ramarley Graham, Amadou Diallo and too many more.

Nas Feat. Amy Winehouse | Cherry Wine

Yo I want a girl so real
Who not after material wealth but get dough still

Or maybe an educator, a lady with etiquette
Who can be from out the hood or even work for the President

As long as there’s no selfishness
Yes, as long as her love for the people is deep rooted and evident

You can be easily recruited, you’re heaven sent
Your smile put me at ease
You’re the woman I need but where is she

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